Photograph by Stanley Thornton

Photograph by Stanley Thornton

In her studio on the edge of the Cotswolds, Rose-Marie is creating paintings that contemplate the fluidity of nature and mankind's place within it. 

Through her painting, Rose-Marie seeks to better understand and communicate the anxiety we feel when contemplating the unavoidable unknown; the uncertainty and change at the heart of life. She has noticed in herself and in others a desire to somehow disguise this reality, through the act of constantly re-establishing some form of stability. 

It was during her Fine Art degree at Falmouth University (2011 - 2014), that she became interested in using the image of the garden as a context for exploring these themes. Studying the history of gardens, the development of their style and purpose through the ages, as well as looking more philosophically at the act of gardening, Rose-Marie began to draw parallels. She started to see how the process of creating a garden, much like the process of creating a painting, could be considered a playground for exploring deeper and more universal truths.

Most recently Rose-Marie's paintings have often taken the form of a triptych and play with the dimensions of the golden ratio. By creating her paintings in three parts, she is alluding to the act of compartmentalising that which we cannot fully comprehend: the desire to make sense of something by limiting it, and fitting it into manageable portions.



Rose-Marie is also a songwriter, if you are interested to learn more about that side of her creative practice click on the music page above.