Photograph by Stanley Thornton

Photograph by Stanley Thornton

In her studio on the edge of the Cotswolds, Rose-Marie is creating paintings that contemplate the fluidity of nature and mankind's place within it. 

‘Our perception of the world is limited, our existence appears finite, and life itself exists in a state of flux. I believe it is in the light of these unstable realities that we go about creating systems, borders and frames to compensate- but these structures are more permeable than we might hope.

Although science has shown us that even in apparent randomness, there are patterns and systems within nature, our perspective does not always let us see the order through the chaos. It seems that modern society is cutting itself off from the natural world more and more, putting its trust in technology, building more borders and making up stricter rules- all out of a desire for a more stable reality. Surely, if you attempt to apply too much order and put limits on that which you can not ultimately contain, you only ever create the illusion of stability, and illusions must eventually be shattered. If we can not accept the fragile, turbulent aspects of what it means to be alive, there will come a point when we are forced to surrender to them instead.

In my paintings, I try to embody this complex relationship we have with order and chaos both through my process and with the imagery I draw upon.’


Rose-Marie is also a songwriter, if you are interested to learn more about that side of her creative practice, click on the music page above.