Photograph by Stanley Thornton

Photograph by Stanley Thornton

To be alive means to be in a constant state of change. This truth is something that human beings have difficulty coming to terms with, perhaps because we set ourselves apart from nature. We desire permanence, stability, security, but we don’t often make space for the unexpected, and we are frustrated when things don’t go to plan. Creating these paintings reminds me that underneath every decision I make, every action I undertake, lies the reality of something I can’t entirely plan for.

In her studio on the edge of the Cotswolds, Rose-Marie Caldecott is creating paintings that contemplate how nature can simultaneously embody both flux and order, fragility and resilience. She observes the human tendency to exert excessive control over nature in a bid to resist the effects of entropy.

Rose-Marie aims to create work that demonstrates the beauty of being in process, the importance of finding a balance between order and control. She has developed a painting process that consciously allows both for moments of control, and the surrendering of control. The artist uses imagery of gardens, man made structures in nature, and rural landscapes that she integrates into her fluid landscapes.

Rose-Marie Caldecott graduated from Falmouth University with a first class degree in Fine Art in 2014. She won the Willhemena Barnes Graham Travel Award, was nominated for the Saatchi New Sensations the same year. She has exhibited solo and in group exhibitions since then, in galleries including Art Jericho in Oxford, Yvonne Arnaud in Guilford, Beside the Wave in London, and Blenheim Palace itself. She is currently exhibiting some paintings in Anthropologie, Cheltenham.

Rose-Marie is also a songwriter, if you are interested to learn more about that side of her creative practice, click on the music page above.